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Step 1: Greet patient at work.

Step 2: Notice her really groovy accent and tell her ‘You have a great accent’.

Step 3: Ask her what part of Scotland she is from.

Step 4: When she gasps in horror and tells you she is definately NOT from Scotland, put your other foot in your mouth and ask if she is in fact from Ireland instead.

Step 5: Wish a big black hole will come to swallow you up when she informs you that she is in fact not Scottish, not Irish, but English. From Liverpool.

So there you go. How to offend a Liverpudlian in 5 short steps.


You let a 5 year old loose with lipstick?

This! ^^


Its one of those movies that you most definately just have to watch. Food for thought and something to make us think about how lucky we are to live in middle class (ok ok. Upper class for some of you) Australia. And I will never listen to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ without laughing again!

I think I may have just developed a girl crush on Marjane Satrapi.

So apparently my captions on the photos are not working so…. first pic was the girls being cheeky and dressing up. Second pick is Bridget being Bridget 😉 Third pick is of the long suffering cat being made to sit like a baby and hold Brenna’s doll while she babied him hehe. And the fourth picture was because some helpful little girl decided to unpack the toilet paper for me and that is how I walked in to find it one night!

My poser

My poser

Is that.... paint on her face?

Is that.... paint on her face?


Yes it is!

Yes it is!

Getting into the craft after the birthday party

Getting into the craft after the birthday party

They were quiet for a little while....

They were quiet for a little while....

I still cant get over that I have a 5 year old – it sounds so old! We were going to have her birthday party at a park with a jumping castle but the weather was awful so I braved it and had 15 kids (and as many adults) crammed into my little house for her party:

September 2009 046

September 2009 047

September 2009 054

September 2009 058

I know, I know. I am slack. But I have bought myself a new camera and am finally taking photos of the girls again so prepare to be inundated…

September 2009 014

September 2009 019

September 2009 029

September 2009 032

September 2009 033

She has been replaced by a fairy called Isabella. Oh, and Shrek came for a visit too.

May 2009 031

May 2009 029

May 2009 028







I think Brenna wins this competition don’t you??

1. What is something mum always says to you?

Shut up (oooops)

2. What makes mum happy?

Me being quiet (In not THAT bad)

3. What makes mum sad?

When we are gone

4. How does your mum make you laugh?

When you tickle us

5. What was your mum like as a child?

I dont know

6. How old is your mum?

As many as one foot and two hands (15?!?)

7. How tall is your mum?

This tall

8. What is her favourite thing to do?

Cuddle us and kiss us

9. What does your mum do when you’re not around?

Sleep (she’s RIGHT)

10. If your mum becomes famous, what will it be for?

I dont know

11. What is your mum really good at?


12. What is your mum not very good at?


13. What does your mum do for her job?

Write and have lunch at work

14. What is your mum’s favourite food?

Rice and meat (nope)

15. What do you and your mum do together?


16. How are you and your mum the same?

When we are dressed

17. How are you and your mum different?

I dont know

18. How do you know your mum loves you?

Because we live together and we are your babies

19. Where is your mum’s favourite place to go?

To work

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