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David Tennant has quit doctor who. I really think I might cry, I seriously doubt anybody can top his version of the doctor 😦


Waaaaaaaaaaaah. What a bad way to start the day.


The girls have spent just about all day today playing outside. They are now very grubby, I swear Brenna just lies in the dirt to make ‘dirt angels’. I think I am keeping Napisan in business! Anyway. Here are a couple of crappy photos that I took of them today:

Brenna with her ‘dinner’ that she made. Its flower petals and dirt…

And Bridget… well… looking about as feral as she can! At least she is trying to smile…

I finally got some new lithium batteries for my camera… so I am going to inundate you all with photos from Brenna’s birthday party last month. We had it at Snakes and Ladders which is the local play cafe. The kids had a ball and they were both absolutely exhausted when we got home.

While getting Brenna dressed this morning, we were talking and out of the blue she came out with this corker:

‘Mummy…. these little lumps (pointing to her nipples) are my BOOBIES’

That was followed by her giggling maniacally while I tried not to laugh. She really is very cute when she wants to be!


p.s. The batteries in my camera are flat so as soon as I get new ones I will post the photos from the birthday party, and photos of my new glasses that I got today 😉

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