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My camera upload cable is broken. So I cant upload any new photos, which is a total pain in the bum because I have taken some really good photos in the past few days! Good for me anyway.

So instead I am going to put photos of the girls as newborns. Becuase I work in an obstetric suite and seeing and hearing the newborn babies is driving me CRAZY with cluckiness.




Even as newborns they looked like chalk and cheese.

Cluckity cluck cluck… sigh.


This is Oskar:



Father Christmas is bringing Oskar to Brenna for Christmas. Animals cannot ride on Father Christmas’ sleigh on Christmas Eve because they would get squashed amongst all the toys and bikes and trampolines, so Father Christmas is going to make a special trip and deliver Oskar off early, just for Brenna.

Oskar is a Birman seal point boy. He is 11 weeks old (and just gorgeous!). He will be the only male member of our household, poor thing!

This is Chrissy:


Father Christmas is bringing Chrissy to live with us at the same time as he brings Oskar. Chrissy is Oskars pseudo mummy. She is 3 years old and has finished having kittens now, so Mrs Claus decided that Chrissy needed a new home where she would have lots of love and cuddles, and because Chrissy loves Oskar so much they are coming together.

I cant wait.

We were in the supermarket today and we walked past a man – he was unshaven, had dark shoulder length wavy hair and had his cap on backwards, and he was pushing a trolley with a little boy in it.

As we walked past him, Brenna turns to me and says in a very loud voice:

‘Mummy! I just saw a pirate and he was pushing his darling!’

So a couple of weeks ago I was a bridesmaid in my friend Sarahs wedding, and Brenna was a flowergirl. I have a few photos on this computer that I will post now, the rest are on my laptop and I will transfer them across when I have the mental energy.


Brenna getting ready with her hair in curlers:



Being silly for the camera:



The bride:



Brenna very intently watching the bride getting her nails done:



And a rather crappy photo of everybody at the wedding. Bridal party in the front. Can you spot me? 😉





Bridget has decided that its much more fun to pick her own clothes…. and her favourite outfit seems to be a combination of bike pants, a long sleeved top, a hat and socks with her sandals. Fashionista!

Brenna has officially started pre-entry kindergarten. Pre-entry is only for 2 hours once a week, its kind of an ‘introductory’ term. She was SO excited about starting. Developmentally she has been ready for kindy for quite a while, she was just ecstatic when she saw that they had childrens scissors on the table to do cutting, as its not something they do at the childcare centre due to safety.

She has also started to inundate me with many cardboard ‘structures’ and ‘presents’, which are usually a few tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls stuck together with half a metre of sticky tape. And the paintings. The boot of my car now has paint on it (and I cant get it off) because of the amount of paintings she does, and then she insists on taking them home when they are still wet! Oh well, its not like the car didnt need a new paint job anyway…

Here is a photo of her at the start of her first proper session. She is rapt with her kindy shirt and hat and sticks out her chest when she is wearing it to make sure everybody can see the pre-school logo on it.


Me: Brenna! Stop that! I have asked you 3 times already. Is there something wrong with your ears?

Brenna: Yes. My ears are turned onto ‘naughty’.



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