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Because she is just so damn cute…



Feeling hot, hot, hot.

Today was the second hottest day in all of South Australia’s recorded history. It reached a searing 45.8 degrees celsius (114 degrees farenheit) here today. 

The road was melting. Literally. The tar used to repair the cracks was a glistening, melted mass. It was so hot it was hard to breathe outside. We have a week of searing hot weather to look forward to here in SA. The forecast for the next week looks like this:

Thurs 44

Fri 41

Sat 40

Sun 40

Mon 39

Tues 38

Wed 38

Rather depressing isn’t it?


Hello, Global Warming.

On th 26th January 1788 the first fleet set down in Sydney Harbour. What the British called ‘Colonisation’ the native Aboriginal people called ‘invasion’.

Every year on the 26th of January we celebrate Australia Day. Surely I am not the only who who views this with a bad taste in their mouth?

The native Aboriginal people were, right from the start, treated abhorrently. They were enslaved, beaten, raped and murdered. They had their children, their land and their culture stolen from them. Even today, in our rich country, we have native Aboriginals living in 3rd world conditions, and people of Aboriginal heritage have poorer health and a shorter lifespan.

That said, we have come a long way in the past year. Kevin Rudd said ‘Sorry’ to the Aboriginal people for the Stolen Generation. This is a start. Hopefully in the next year we will be able to further acknowledge the damage caused to the Aboriginal people and culture.

Oh, and for what its worth, I cant STAND Sam Kekovich and his ‘Australia Day Lamb’ promotions, it just makes this day even more of a joke.

Mainly of Bridget…. because she is so photogenic and because she actually sits still and lets me take her photo.




So I will try to get into the habit of posting again. Posting is so boring without photos 😉

Here are a few that I took last night when I was playing around with the settings on the camera: